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P.I.N.O.Y Potholder

P.I.N.O.Y Potholder


This interesting potholder features various Filipino dishes and spells out the word PINOY. Tapsilog, Lumpia, Pansit, Tocino, Crispy Pata...mmmm...this potholder is almost good enough to eat!


This makes for a great gift and will look great in any kitchen.

  • Caring for your Tomgutz Pouch

    To extend the enjoyment of your pouch, we recommend spot cleaning to preserve the integrity of the design.

  • Specs

    The yellow and blue pot holders are crafted from cotton material with a heat-resistant silver lining, with quilted and padded structures. Recommend use on pots up to 400 degrees F. Size 8" x 7”.


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