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About US

Tomgutz (an anagram of the Filipino word "gutom" which means hungry) was born sometime around the year 2000 as an experimental food stall in a weekend "Tiangge" (market) in Manila. The name was coined with the hope of attracting hungry customers . The food stall was a success, but alas, that was also the end of Tomgutz...until 2023 when three friends with a common passion and nostalgia for Filipino food and humor decided to resurrect the name for a new venture.

Today's Tomgutz is a dynamic small business based in Seattle, promoting the love of Filipino culture worldwide. Our products such as totes and mugs provide witty expressions from our childhood as well as statements that express pride in our Filipino heritage. Most of our items are inspired by food that we grew up with and have found their way to international groceries and restaurants.


We strive to spread joy through our brand and want our products to bring a smile to everyone's face. We want to spark conversation and laughter and enable younger Filipino-loving generations to build a connection with the culture. Whether you are a Filipino living abroad, a child born to Filipino parents, a spouse, or a friend, we welcome you to be Tomgutz with us and be always hungry for more.

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